A sexual assault is a traumatic incident and it is perfectly normal for anyone to feel upset, shocked, distressed and confused with any kind of sexual assault or violence.  We have a dedicated, trained team to support anyone with an allegation around sexual assault or rape.

Our teams will guide the victim to a safe area, where the victim can sit and gain their thoughts and talk to us in a confidential manner when they are ready to do so. We are non-judgemental and empathetic; we will only involve the police if the victim wishes to do so.

We have robust procedures in place to ensure we support the victim on an emotional level, but also on a practical level to ensure the best chance of conviction if the victim chooses to report to the police. Before each event, we will make contact with the local Sexual Assault Referral Clinic (SARC) in that area and inform them of the event and what our teams’ capabilities are. We will also request a meeting with the head of security to talk through our procedures which have to be followed so the victim receives the best possible support, suited to their needs.

We are also able to provide police reports and our team are trained and supported to attend any potential court case as witnesses.  24/7 supervision support is available for any staff member at the event who is supporting the victim to ensure their wellbeing needs are met.