Evictions can be an upsetting time for the person being evicted and anyone of their friends or family staying at the event.  The festival or event will only evict a person for the safety of the evictee or other’s at the event.

In the event that someone is evicted, The Welfare Crew will support the person and their friends and family around them, to reassure them that a safe eviction will be taking place. The Welfare Crew will call friends and family on their behalf; arrange transport; seek family and friends to meet them outside of the event if possible and ensure that there will be someone at home to meet them, depending on their age and their emotional/mental health needs.  We will also as best possible ensure the persons belongings are accounted for and are reunited with the person prior to them leaving the event.

Whilst the event and The Welfare Crew cannot pay for any travel regarding the eviction, we can offer our time and support to ensure the person fully understands why the eviction is taking place and to make the process as stress free as we can.