Campsite Welfare Hubs are becoming an essential part of the welfare provisions at festivals.  Campsite Welfare Hubs offer an easily accessible safe space for festival goers within the campsites for anyone who is in need of support or wanting to report an incident.

Our experienced teams provide a professional support package to deal with any event, such as festival goers struggling with drug and alcohol issues, mental/emotional health concerns, victims of sexual assault, assault or domestic abuse and those wishing to report a crime.  The Campsite Welfare Hubs offer a safe place to rest, a quiet space to talk about concerns and a confidential space to receive support for any safeguarding or safety issues they may be facing.

In addition we can recharge phones for emergencies so festival goers can contact relatives or friends and reunite those who have lost their fellow festival goers.

For anyone that has completely lost their tent, a safe place to bed down for the night is available.