From tiny tots to teenagers, we have a dedicated team of professionals that support lost or found children in a separate area to the main welfare.  It can be a scary time for both the child and parent/carer when they have become separated, so not only do we offer support for the child, but for the parent/carer too.

For lost children our team will quickly disseminate the essential information to event control and security to ensure the search for the lost child is activated immediately, whilst the team support the parent/carer.

For found children we offer a safe space for the child in the children’s welfare provision until a parent/carer can be located.

We actively promote the use of telephone wristbands for children so parents/carers can be contacted as soon a child presents themselves to staff as being lost.  We also encourage parents to take an updated photo each day of their child so an accurate description of clothing can be circulated if a child is lost.

Safeguarding policies and procedures are strictly followed whenever we have a report of a lost or found child. Most reports end with the child being returned to the family or friend with no further action. However, if concerns are raised about a child we will work closely alongside event control to ensure the safety of the child at the event and, if necessary, referrals will be submitted to relevant external organisations to ensure the child’s welfare is supported after the event.

Prior to each event we will liaise with the local children’s safeguarding partnership to ensure local emergency procedures are being followed if needed. All of our team are DBS checked and receive regular safeguarding training.