Our welfare team (The Welfare Crew) offer lost property services both at the event and post event.  We ensure that all lost property handed to us is kept safe and secure, with our ultimate aim being to reunite your lost property with you as quick as we can.

We understand that losing belongings can be an emotional roller coaster for people.  Our dedicated, trained team are not only on hand to reunite lost property, they are also there to offer emotional and practical support to the person.

Our bespoke lost property computer system allows us to quickly check if an item has been handed in and supports a quick reunite with the owner.  Lost property found post event will be posted to the owner via tracked mail.


The Welfare Crew are providing Lost Property Services at the following events:

Download 2024

Isle of Wight 2024

Creamfields 2024

If you have lost something at one of these events, please fill in the contact form below and one of our team will get back to you to let you know if we have the item.

*Please note, all lost property will only be held for one month post event.  Any lost property left with The Welfare Crew after one month will be donated to charity.

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